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The Edge

There are a lot of music teachers out there. In fact, there are so many that every successful studio has to establish an edge; something that stands out enough to make potential students say, "I want to learn guitar from her."

Unfortunately, this has been a challenge for many studios. In fact, the national dropout rate for music lessons is 86%. At M.K. Music Studios, we have experimented with many different learning methods and developed a curriculum that can be customized to every student. Our aspiring musicians love to play, so our dropout rate is only 3%.

What is it like to take lessons at M.K. Music Studios?

1.   Most studios will start you out on really simple, boring songs (like the classic Hot Cross Buns). Right from the beginning, we customize songs that you choose so they're on par with your skill level. That way, you'll be learning songs you can actually enjoy playing while you're building your skillset!


2.   Every lesson will be super customizable to what your current needs are. Whether you're playing at restaurants a lot, just singing for fun, or wanting to write a full album, we can coach you and give you further opportunities to succeed. Every student uses music for different purposes, and we want to help you find & fulfill yours.


3.   Parents and siblings can enjoy a fully furnished lobby complete with complimentary coffee, cookies, and magazines! Many fun books on composers are available for you to read with your children while you wait!

4.   Lessons are only $25 per half-hour. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis, so you are not committed for more than 4-5 weeks at a time.


5.   We offer many opportunities to perform (and even record)! We are currently partnered with Roots Coffeebar in Oconomowoc to present Young Musicians Live, a bi-monthly event our students can use to practice performing! Additionally, we work with Shorehaven Assisted Living Center to serve the community through performances twice per year.


6.   If you are interested in intermediate & advanced music theory, songwriting, or instrumental composition, we offer group and one-on-one classes for all skill levels.

7.   As the owner of M.K. Music Studios, I value your feedback. We can do a 15-minute progress review every 3 months upon request. During that time, we can talk about what you've learned, what you want to work on in the future, and what other musical avenues you might want to pursue.


8.   Student community is important! We offer lots of opportunities to connect & perform with other students with similar skill levels and styles.

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