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Maddie Odau

Hi! My name is Maddie Odau and I’m a Junior at Oconomowoc High School. I’ve been passionate about music ever since my mom started teaching me piano when I was little. I started learning violin through school in 5th grade and it’s been my passion ever since!


I’ve benefited from taking private lessons, so I hope to pass that along in a much more fun way. My goal is to help students become the best musicians they can be while going at a pace they are comfortable with, and in a way that they can enjoy the music they create. 

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I play in my school’s “Rockestra” which explores the other kinds of genres a stringed instrument can play that aren’t taught traditionally- so I love to explore all kinds of genres, not just classical.


But besides violin, I’m also interested in figure skating, writing, and drawing too!

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