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Natalie Wessel

Hi! I’m Natalie, piano teacher and vocal coach at M.K. Studios!

A pretty central and ongoing part of my musical journey stems from a  valuable lesson that I learned playing alongside my brother. Growing up together, we were in the same piano lessons, played for the same school bands, participated in the same musicals, but our interests and styles led  us to become very different musicians!  My brother was more technical and precise in his lessons, whereas I was always more free and interpretive. This brought me to appreciate that every musician is different! 

My goal as a teacher is to identify what works best for each individual student and help them grow into the musician they want to become. In my lessons, I aim to really get to know my students and help them reach a sense of ownership and confidence in their music. 

So whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of music theory or you are a beginner picking up a fun hobby, I would love to be a part of your journey! 

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